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Another 20 million accounts were shuttered for allegedly soliciting “prostitutes.The government has convicted and imprisoned nine people for their involvement in the New Citizens Movement—including its founder, prominent legal scholar Xu Zhiyong—mostly on vaguely worded public order charges.

” The government classifies many religious groups outside of its control as “evil cults.

China has 500,000 registered nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), though many are effectively government-run free wechat video sex.

The Chinese government has blamed “terrorist” groups for these attacks free wechat video sex.

In June, authorities in Inner Mongolia detained 15 members of what it called another “evil cult” called the “Apostles Congregation for dancing publicly and “tempting” people to become new members.

There are eight outstanding requests by UN special rapporteurs to visit China, and UN agencies operating inside China remain tightly restricted, their activities closely monitored by authorities.

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