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Later authors, such as Bede and the anonymous author of the Life of St Wilfrid, who wrote in Latin did not provide a full portrait of the Anglo-Saxons’ pre-Christian belief systems.So only fragments are available to give “a dim impression” of their religion(s).Britain in 400s AD-700s AD was full of new religious ideas and belief systems.English of that time were illiterate with no contemporary written evidence.Neither paganism nor Christianity represented “homogenous intellectual positions or canons and practice”, but were mixed together without any apparent rules or consistency.These folk religions were “concerned with the here and now” and in particular with issues surrounding the safety of the family, prosperity, and the avoidance of drought or famine and its adherents concentrated on survival and prosperity in this world.

It seems very likely that it was the symbol of the thunder-god Thunor, and when found on weapons or military gear its purpose would be to provide protection and success in battle”.Theodore’s Penitential and the Laws of Wihtred of Kent issued in 695 imposed penalties on those who provided offerings to “demons”.But pre-Christian defined “cultural paganism” survived for a long time afterwards referencing the cultural heritage of the Scandinavian population following Norse mythological themes and motifs in their poetry.The pagan Anglo-Saxons followed a calendar with twelve lunar months, with the occasional year having thirteen months so that the lunar and solar alignment could be corrected.Bede claimed that the greatest pagan festival was Modraniht (meaning Mothers’ Night), which was situated at the Winter solstice, which marked the start of the Anglo-Saxon year, around December 25th.

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The Rus, who were Norse traders living on the River Volga in what is now Russia describe the funeral of one of the Rus leaders as, “When the man of whom I have spoken died, his girl slaves were asked, “Who will die with him?

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