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I've done three responses to this, one of which is pretty tragic. Chapter 15 had a similar response without the tragedy.

The original was: "The Boy Who Never Knew"OTHER AUTHORS USING LONE TRAVELER/OTHER CHARACTERS, TRAITS, CIRCUMSTANCES I ORIGINALLY WROTE: Honestly? If anyone uses something from one of my stories, just acknowledge it but feel free.

I try to do the same -- I will list an author or story who might have inspired particular things in my story.

I recently received word from another author who will be making a Traveler character from Frozen -- I thought it was great.

My own entry is on my Bunnies thread, chapter 26EARLIER CHALLENGE: UNINFORMED HARRY: Harry Potter arrived to Hogwarts unaware of the true circumstances behind his parents death and for some reason he doesn't find out.

Ongoing warnings for smut, language, character death, bashing, torture, mutilation. Having been treated as a servant his entire life, Harry is more sympathetic when Dobby arrives, avoiding Vernon's wrath and gaining a bit of freedom.

With a definitely safe wand, allies expecting her to be the next dark lady, and a free summer, what is a girl to do? 70,000 light years away, her oldest friends battle their own challenges. A prophecy is once again in play and he's the Chosen One. After the mission to Waves, Sakura realized she needed to get stronger; she would never survive long in the shinobi world. Harry, Platonic Relationships, Time Travel Fix-it, Political Alliances, Monthly updates After Voldemort's defeat, Harry decides to start over in a new world to find peace.

At the first task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament Harry sees his chance to strike down his enemies - and takes it. After being delivered to the Dursley's doorstep like a jug of milk, Harry is rescued by a mysterious stranger before they even know he was there. Through her will to become stronger, Sakura learns as much as she can from as many people as she can, while finally understanding what it means to be a part of a team, and consequently, a family. Voldemort is gone but somehow Harry, Hermione and Luna ended up as Undesirables 1, 2 & 3. However, the world will not grant him this request as the Earth needs its heroes more than ever and Harry has to answer the call.

You tend to be more comfortable with what you're familiar with -- or more scared of it as you know it better. Wielding a power never seen before Harry Potter must struggle through a world he does not understand and deal with opposition on all fronts.

Personally, I'm far more nervous around ultra-right-wing Christian fundamentalists with gun fetishes than I ever am around pretty much any other group. Even muggles notice thousands dead, and Margaret Thatcher had the help of one Sergeant Prewett of Her Majesty's Special Air Service. Will he and the few friends he has be able to make it through? What if, instead of becoming dark/grey and gaining more power that way, Harry had been a little more considerate?

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In such a home, a guest's comfort is of the utmost importance -- as long as you don't get too friendly with the daughters (that's a joke, folks -- even if it also tends to be true). With the explosion of his relatives house, Harry must figure out who he can trust, and quickly. Once at Hogwarts, an outrageously stuck-up Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and signs that the warned-of danger are coming true threaten to complicate matters.

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