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Fox News was forced to close the comment section when their readers began displaying their horrific racism for all the world to see. None of these people commenting seemed to consider that a black child, who fluently speaks a foreign language, may just be intelligent enough to qualify for admission to the prestigious university.Also, none of them note that white students who are considered part of a “legacy” because their family members attended Ivy League schools are more likely to be accepted than first-generation students, regardless of grades or test scores, and have been for years.My Yugoslavian parents grew masses of cabbage in our tiny garden patch along with other vegetables familiar to them.My mother boiled cabbage with oil, herbs and garlic for an inexpensive dish, (actually dirt cheap) called and while I now know that we were getting very little nourishment from the overcooked vegetable, it did fill our stomachs.Recently we asked Jay to recall that time many years ago and tell us how it all transpired. In Jay’s book, The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing in 1992, here’s what Jay had to say about cabbage and the Ulcer Study: A cruciferous vegetable, cabbage is often overlooked by the modern homemaker or thought of only as a base for fattening, oily coleslaw or the slippery accompaniment to dried-out corned beef.

It still exists and has been fostered and encouraged by the likes of Fox News.Yesterday, Fox News reported that President Obama’s daughter, Malia, had elected to attend Harvard University after taking a year off from school.It seemed an innocuous enough story, but readers of Fox News proved nothing is off-limits when attacking a black president, his wife, and his children.We have the published, peer reviewed scientific study to back it up. Garnett Cheney in 1949 at Stanford University Medical School Cancer Division, treated patients by having them drink freshly made cabbage juice.Out of 65 patients in the study, 63 were healed and the remaining two patients had minimal symptoms as a result.

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