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Upcoming Events WE GET LETTERS: "I wanted to let everyone know about the Peggy Sue dolls that Muffins offers. A video I was viewing, showed a lion grab and kill a man! At the end of this video it stated 1956-1974 JOHN RENDALL. John is a Trustee at the Mkomazi Project, a Rhino Sanctuary for the extinct Black Rhinothere are only 29 alive in the world! Now, does anyone have Merediths email address or contact information? Please call Jude 718-833-7988 Thank you and God Bless! 549, would phase out, within two years of enactment, the common practice of feeding mass quantities of antibiotics important in human medicine to food animals.

After seeing on television all the lead that is used in cat and dog toys, the only toys that my cats play with are the Peggy Sue dolls. Another plus is that a good portion of the sale of these pet toys goes to Muffins. ASPCA - LOBBY FOR ANIMALS: Federal: Protect Public Health! The Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA), H. Livestock and poultry producers misuse these life-saving drugs.

They are handmade in the USA, of quality and safe materials. They feed them to animals not to treat disease, but to accelerate growth and prevent diseases caused directly by the overcrowded and unsanitary conditions in the factory farming industry.

The agriculture industry uses antibiotics to compensate for inadequate care of the animals.

Chai's ordeal began after his tongue became stuck inside the ball, and the subsequent amputation of his tongue damage caused by this ball.

The design of the ball creates a vacuum while the dog is chewing on the ball and the tongue becomes stuck inside the ball causing constriction and swelling.

The overuse of these drugs in both human medicine and animal agriculture contributes to the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections in humans.

5-Failure to house cats with a sufficient number of litter boxes and resting surfaces.

6-Failure to keep animal-housing facilities clean and in good repair, resulting in injuries.

These sweeties have been dewormed, and are being treated for upper respiratory infection. -excerpt from NYC Eartips: The E-Newsletter of the NYC Feral Cat Initiative More Info and Registration: Advance registration is required. Call: 718-251-4965 or718-207-7705UPDATE ABOUT CHRISTIAN THE LIONS RESCUERS: UPDATE ABOUT CHRISTIAN THE LIONS RESCUERS: I have been praying about how to locate and interview these two Australian guys. BOY, one of George Adamsons wild lions, did kill an experienced lion handler.

Contact Neighborhood Cats at (212) 662-5761 or [email protected], or visit the Neighborhood Cats web site. Elyse Karnes ADOPTION: STINKY, is a 12 year old, neutered male, 16 pound cat. Their personal, in-depth story will make good copy for my column. After re-watching the tearful meeting of Christian standing on his hind legs, hugging John and Ace, I just knew I had to find these guys. In my August 1, column, I wrote about my search to find John and Ace. JULY, 31, on the TODAY show, Meredith Vieira, interviewed JOHN and ACE in Sydney Australia!

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Contact Neighborhood Cats at (212) 662-5761 or [email protected], or visit the Neighborhood Cats web site. Please visit and check out the participating MAMA vet list. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has seen Sago palm poisonings increase by more than 200 percent since 2003and over half of the cases have proven fatal. The technique they love best: "Slowly rub in a circular motion, from the base of the neck to the tail." Special acupressure points along the spine boost endorphins, which make the cat happier and more bonded to you. They seem to love make choirs and oboes because they prefer deep, rather than high -pitched, tones. Bronx Library Center, 310 East Kingsbridge Road, Bronx Come learn how to care for the feral and stray cats in your community and make use of the many resources now available to assist you.

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