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UNCOMPROMISING INDIES (FEMALE-FRONTED EDITION)” “Queen of Earth” | Shot on endearingly grainy 16mm film, and providing a fantastic showcase for Elisabeth Moss, “Queen of Earth” is a tale of precarious sanity and long-term friendship, which plays out as a ’70s psychological thriller by way of indie dramedy.Possessing an impressively strong grip on his characters, writer/director Alex Ross Perry strikes a delicate balance between his signature acerbic humor and intense psychodrama, bringing out the best in both.There’s a method behind this film’s cruelty and lack of moral center, though — it dares you to take a long, hard look at the human soul, which is unable to hide all its ugliness when magnified by the unflinching eye of Cinerama.BEST OBLIGATORY HOLLYWOOD REBOOT: “Creed” | This might be the “Rocky” spinoff no one Sylvester Stallone revisits his signature role with humor and pathos.“Duke of Burgundy” | Equal parts Lynch, Brakhage, romantic-drama and ’70s softcore, “Duke of Burgundy” creates an intimately realized and emotionally affecting romance by examining what two women in love will do for each other to make their relationship work.That it does this by aiming directly for taboo subjects — namely extreme sexual kinks — and presenting them with a measured, art-house eye makes for an indelible, daring, one-of-a-kind film.AMERICAN AUTEURS: “Bridge of Spies” | To paraphrase the movie’s co-scribes, the Coen Brothers: “Tom Hanks. Fortunately, working from a true-story script that’s at turns tense and unexpectedly hilarious (and enhanced by a virtuoso performance from Mark Rylance as a mild-mannered Russian spy), Spielberg turns in his most handsomely realized, exciting and vital film in recent memory.

If any of these factoids pique your interest, you’re definitely the target audience for Joe Potrykas’ greasy, desperate, pitch-black comedy.BEST BLOCKBUSTERS: “Ant-Man” | While “Avengers: Age of Ultron” struggled under the weight of its narrative obligations and larger-than-life characters, Marvel fared far better with its other summer release, the comparatively low-key “Ant-Man.” Featuring a looser, comedic vibe, inventive action sequences and a more down-to-earth story, the film is a distinctive and refreshingly offbeat installment of Marvel’s increasingly large cinematic universe.“Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” | I mean, what can I say?“Entertainment” | I’ve described this film before as “bleak” and an “overwhelming sensory experience,” and I mean that as nothing but the highest praise.Rick Alverson’s depressing, tragi-comic character study of an aging, down-on-his-luck comedian (Gregg Turkington) knocked the wind out of me in the best possible way.

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