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Because he’s always on the run, Jason must be able to train anywhere and everywhere, and be prepared for anything.Take a strength training routine (like the Playground Workout) and complete it every other day.It’s just human nature that the more different something is, the more it gets our attention.

Bourne, on the other hand, exists outside of the system, hunted by the very people who trained him.

Before we get into ANY other aspect of Jason Bourne’s life, we must first start with his physical fitness.

Here’s a man who has been trained to operate at a peak physical level, prepared for any and every situation thrown his way.

This is recurring theme throughout the movie: When Jason is attacked he quickly dispatches the enemy with brutal efficiency.

In searching for a real life equivalent, My research led me to three particular disciplines that stuck out: Krav Maga: “…It focuses on breathing, relaxation, and fluidity of movement, as well as utilizing an attacker’s momentum against him and controlling the six body levers (elbows, neck, knees, waist, ankles, and shoulders) through Bruce Lee said it best: “Wing Chun Kung Fu is a very sophisticated weapon, nothing else.

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What sort of questions do you have on becoming Jason Bourne?

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