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During its first season, the show had a large ensemble of girls, including one played by a very young Molly Ringwald.

Starting with its second season, though, the show was retooled.

The January 2010 episode, called "The Setup," had hilarious moments between the now-divorced pair, including Chris getting upset that Poehler directed "regular" parks instead of amusement parks.

Unfortunately, their off-screen romance didn't have the happiest ending.

The mob was thinned down to four "core" girls, and almost nothing was ever seen again of their schoolmates.

The canon reason for the cast change was that the four starring girls were caught getting up to some illegal activities, and rather than expelling them the school placed them on probation by working with Mrs.

The couple, who shares sons Archie and Abel, separated in 2012 and finalized the divorce in 2016. Their off-screen romance is adorable now, but it didn't start that way.

Baccarin reportedly got pregnant with Mc Kenzie's baby while she was still married to ex-husband Austin Chick.

"Long distance relationships are hard no matter what," she said. Holmes even revealed that Jackson was her "first love." After their breakup, Holmes felt nothing but warm fuzzies toward her old flame.Interestingly, it was her ex, Murray, who supposedly spilled the beans on her third in-house romance, explaining that he and Bush were amicable and professional on set because they'd each moved on: "She's got James, and James and I are friends," he said.(2009-156) as MRI technician Chris, who was set up on a blind date with Poehler's Leslie Knope.The on=screen Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez stayed together for the two subsequent sequels, but split in 2010.Hudgens and Efron didn't last much longer than their characters.

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