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THE SPANISH TRANSLATOR; 7 ■-■' PRACTICAL SYSTEM FOR BECOMING ACQUAINTED WITH THE SPANISH WRITTEN LANGUAGE, THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF THE ENGLISH. r4 Entered, according to the Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-one, by Fielding Lucas, Jr.

BY MARIANO CUBI I SOLER, PROFESSOR OF MODERN LANGUAGES IN THE COLLEGE OF LOUISIANA. in the Clerk's office of the District Court of Maryland. If gratitude may be expressed by the dedication of book, allow me, sir, to prefix your name to this work The warm interest you manifested for my success, when success was doubtful; the sincere friendship with which you honoured me, when friends were necessary, — have left upon my mind an impression not to be obliterated. 79 Calamidades de la Alemania, Borgona, i Lorena, 5 ^^Falardo ° 80 Como se descubre el Injenio de los Ninos, .

To a gentleman of his talents, zeal, and industry, we cannot but wish a success proportioned to his ardour and exertions." *The sixth edition with corrections and improvements has been recently issued by the publisher of the Translator. " The second edition of this elementary work has just issued from the press, and were it not for the title page, might pass for an entire new work. Cubi has had the advantage of much experience as an instructor in the language, since the first puplication of his Grammar.

He appears to have minutely noted the difficulties experienced by his numerous scholars, and has explained them in the most satisfactory manner.

This we deem particularly worthy of notice, because the success of the learner in studying Spanish, as perhaps almost every other language, depends very much on the readiness with which he may become acquainted with the verbs and syntax.

That terrible crux to all beginners the different uses of the verbs ser and edar, the author has laboured with earnestness and ingenuity to remove.

We see, on the other hand, that as political revo- lutions give rise to new interest and idioms, and the spirit of improvement is continually extending the range of discovery, the mutual relation between the different parts of the globe occupies a wider space, and becomes more important.

Now the student is supposed to have acquired some knowledge of the mechanism of translation, and he enters into narrations. * This Preface, with some very slight variations, was prefixed to the first and second editions of this work. Impressed with these reflections, it soon occurred to the author, that immense benefits would result, if, by some sim- ple method, the acquisition of languages could be facilitated. Translation, being considered that branch in the study of a language, on which all others depend, became the first object of his attention. He who, five hundred years since, to become an orator, could only resort to a Demos- thenes or a Cicero, has now, in addition, a Burke and a Pitt — a Bossuet and a Massillon — a Granada and a Leon. In the same manner, the merchant, whose speculations were confined within the narrow limits of his city, or of his coun- try, may now carry them to the extremities of a world, at that time, unknown.

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