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To me, whether it's a man or a woman he's cheating with is largely irrelevant here, it's the serial and repeated nature of his cheating and his lack or remorse which is the concern.Why was the cheating with women more forgivable to you than with men to you? I understand that his cheating with men comes with the added shock that he might not be straight - but it's the same principle, the same betrayal.

It didn't take long reading them to figure out him and this man had been having sex. There were emails going back at least two years, back to the start of our relationship.This has been dragging on for a tortuously long time, you need to move on with your life.Mary O’Conor I live in a small village in rural Ireland. The problem is that I have found out that her daughter who lives in America has married a woman. My friend is a very devout Catholic and campaigned very strongly against the same-sex marriage referendum in our locality.He doesn't get the security of a relationship with the freedom of singledom.There is nothing to salvage here - his behaviour shows he has no respect for you, and he probably never will.

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