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But in polyamory, it’s an individual committing to other individuals, allowing each relationship to naturally find it’s own depth and intimacy.”Lindgren and Winston also want to dispel the myth that polyamory is in some way “selfish.” “Having multiple partners requires a lot of commitment—commitment to being the best possible partner, commitment to being honest and proactive in my communication, commitment to putting care and investment into each relationship,” says Winston.Finally, cheating still exists in polyamory—as Lindgren explains it, a successful polyamorous relationship depends on all partners being on the same page.“One of the main myths about polyamory is that a couple somehow become one unit and have just one set of thoughts and feelings,” explains Winston, who recently wrote the book .Winston and Lindgren don’t use the term “primary” and feel that each of the relationships they maintain is unique, different, and just as committed as the one they have to each other.And I think people outside the polyamorous community may not understand that the two aren’t necessarily the same thing,” says Turner.To maintain their emotional bond, Turner and her husband developed a system: The pair subscribed to a monthly wine club where they got four bottles of wine delivered to their door; they promised that, no matter what, they would drink the wine together by the end of every month.That’s partially because each polyamorous relationship is unique.

For Turner, it comes down to some house rules: “For example, the biggest fight I ever had with my first husband regarding polyamory was about who was allowed to sleep in our bed.It sounds so minor, but talking through those issues makes a big difference,” says Turner.Turner adds that often, if she or her husband is planning on bringing a date home, the other will make plans to be out of the house with another partner or stay in another part of the house.“If I do come home before planned, I’ll text first or make a lot of noise.While we do like to meet each other’s partners and we often become friends, it’s important to give a sense of privacy, too,” explains Turner. And sex, says Turner, is only one part of the lifestyle.

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  1. It may be very difficult at first but I find that being honest right from the beginning takes away so much of the anxiety. Aww lonely paul, Your "friends" were obviously never true friends to you anyway.