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Also presenting were local artist Joan Waters as well as Don Nottingham of Design One International.

The MN Collection and Design Surfaces have a new home in the Scottsdale Design District.

Major commitment to eco-friendliness shines through with the recent attainment of FSC certification for recycled teak products, a sure sign that the company is fulfilling its vision of excellence.

A fusion of good business sense and ecological responsibility proves that the making of the finest furniture and adherence to principles do go hand in hand.

We just took delivery of a new sofa selected from the Jalis group by COR.Jalis is the magical word from the Orient for hospitality and relaxed communication with family members or friends. Unlike any upholstery you’ve seen before, Jalis is the convergence of style, function and quality workmanship.Come by the showroom and visit COR online to see more of the Jalis group.BRADLEY HUGHES | MODERN OFFICE offers a fresh and stylish option for the forward thinking company.With an innovative line of desks, case pieces, seating and conference tables, the MODERN OFFICE designs have a unique balance of style, functionality and durability suitable for the fast pace environment of a successful business.

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  1. So usually there’s a different kind of intelligence that goes along with that, and awareness – spirituality. I can’t be with someone that’s too uptight because it just doesn’t work. That’s another thing I’ve learned over the years: People want you for who you are, especially in this business.

  2. After starring in bigger-budget films such as The Notebook, Gosling flipped the script and became an indie MVP and flat-out star in this dark and extremely personal take on addiction, friendship and consequences.