The kitchen sink in their 110-year-old house was backed up.

His wife was using a plunger on the sink drain when suddenly the drain pipe fell off, dumping dirty water all over the bottom of the cabinet and kitchen floor.

This part of the trap had been merely inserted into the end of the 1½" galvanized steel pipe.[See Tools and Materials] [Add your comments below the article] The nut (lower arrow) was actually cracked, and barely held the trap together.

Since the steel pipe had been cut off, and was not threaded, the slip-joint nut didn't actually engage anything.

Once the sink had been cleaned up, I installed the baskets.

If I tried to attach anything to the basket while the silicone was soft I would probably squeeze out the caulking, creating a mess and possibly inviting a leak.

He told The Daily Telegraph: "The good news is that Channel Nine have agreed to screen our adventures (more) » - By Rebecca Davies Comedy duo Hamish and Andy have signed a two-year deal with the Nine Network.

Through their production company Radio Karate, the pair .

Of course one of the the large ring-nuts broke, so we had to buy another.

Even rubbing alcohol wouldn't remove these spots, though I could scrape them off with a screwdriver.

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