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However, having a vampire for a boyfriend isn't as easy as one would think.Bill has really creepy friends, drinks synthetic blood and may be a psychotic murderer.Between finding a dead coworker, making love to a vampire, being beaten up, having her brother in jail as a suspect in the murders, and two deaths in the family, Sookie is a very busy waitress indeed.Sookie Stackhouse is just about perfect: she is blonde, beautiful, hardworking, takes care of her grandmother and her irresponsible brother, doesn't mind living in a small town, enjoys being a waitress..everyone thinks she is crazy.Someone in town is strangling women who are vampire junkies, and Bill is the only vampire who lives there.So Sookie sets out to find the murderer and clear Bill and her brother's name.Bill is also very attracted to Sookie, not only because he needs a steady supply of O Negative, but also because she "feels different" to him.

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