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But then fighting against the realisation that in truth, no matter what he was feeling, it wasn’t mutual and it wasn’t something that actually looked and felt good, kept me holding on for about a year. These intense feelings and protestations for this ‘amazing’ ‘soul mate’ relationship that never actually Relationships that aren’t mutual are like ‘restricted’ love. You’re free to let your imagination and even your libido run wild, it’s just that it’s incredibly painful when you realise that you’ve far outpaced reality.

It felt like I’d been a victim of a relationship-jacking. You can be in love on your own but you actually can’t have a mutual relationship, one with love, care, trust, respect and shared values, on your own. You don’t need someone saying “I love you but…you know my situation” or “I love you but I can’t give you what you want” or even “I love you and we’ll always be friends but…” You want someone to say “I love you” – simplicity.

Many of the stories that readers share about their relationship experiences, in a nutshell boil down to things not being mutual.

Lack of mutual interest, lack of mutual words and actions, lack of mutual values, lack of mutual love, care, trust, and respect and lack of mutual feelings and relationship.

After that, I could only cocoon myself with these feelings for short periods because I realised that after the Future Faking came groundhog affair masquerading as One Day I Might Get My Unprincely Faux Prince if play my Other Woman cards right. And Lord help me, if he’d told me how we were ‘best friends’ one more time, I might have stuck his empty words where the sun don’t shine.Remember that love, even when it’s healthy doesn’t make you Siamese twins or Mystic Meg. Love doesn’t create an IOU hence you don’t have to feel like you’re owed if you only get into and stay in this when it’s mutual. his crotch grinds into my face as he feeds his rock hard, throbbing cock down into my throat… I have been using since the mid 80's and used primarily Rush, Rush Gold, Jungle Juice, Bolt and various other brands.After they say it, you continue about your life , a life I might add that reflects that of two people who love each other mutually.You hug, you kiss, you make plans, those plans come to fruition but before you even make plans, you can even get on and enjoy the simple, normal things that make up the day to day.

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  1. Finally, don’t get so obsessed with asking a list of specific questions that you end up putting you’re dating on an “interview”. If it never finds a life of its own then at the very least mix things up so there are some serious questions and some light-hearted ones. If you are serious about finding a relationship you need to decide what’s important to you and base your questions, at least in part, on these areas.