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The plant became associated with Christmas due to a few different Mexican folktales.One tale tells of a little girl who wanted to give a gift to the baby Jesus but could only find weeds to bring him, which miraculously changed into poinsettias.and both were highly influential in establishing Christmas as the Western World’s most popular holiday over the last two hundred years.

Some of that history can be traced to the paganisms of antiquity (perhaps even more so than Halloween), and some of it also arose from Christian tradition.

December 24 was the old feast day of Adam and Eve so they were often around near Christmas.

German families also used to build , which were wooden frames often decorated with evergreen branches, fruit, and gifts.

Pagans certainly decorated with it, as did later Christians, but it was Christians who began the kissing custom.

Christmas Tree: The Christmas Tree has a possibly long and tangled history.

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Another more logical tale (how does a Mexican child get to the baby Jesus?

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