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There is now a final excavation report (available above).You can also view separately the results of tree-ring dating for all of the excavations and check out the two articles on projectile points.AND they learn the difference between uniface/biface and cutting/scraping without even switching tools. I have lots to learn." Tim Rast This video is a great addition to any flintknapping library and is being shown in many beginning archaeology courses in universities and colleges throughout North and South America (and some in Europe).

That's what really struck me about your demo -- when you are ready to start making the point you are already halfway there and the audience was kept interested all the way along.

Every year, a million visitors are drawn to England to gaze upon the famous circle of stones, but the monument's meaning has continued to elude us.

Now investigations inside and around Stonehenge have kicked off a dramatic new era of discovery and debate over who built Stonehenge and for what purpose.

How did prehistoric people quarry, transport, sculpt, and erect these giant stones?

Granted exclusive access to the dig site at Bluestonehenge, a prehistoric stone-circle monument recently discovered about a mile from sponsored a large scale experiment testing a revolutionary (pun intended) concept of how the large monument stones may have been moved.

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