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The visa is valid for two years, and if the relationship is still standing after these two years, a Partner Permanent Visa (Subclass 100) is granted. While the visa application process isn’t very difficult, it does involve a lot of work and time.In our case, we applied in a de-facto relationship, although it’s a very similar application process if you’re applying as a married couple.È questo il titolo del seminario informativo che si terrà il 9 gennaio 2018 nell’elegante cornice della sala Ronchi della biblioteca comunale di Trani, dalle ore 16 alle 18.We’ve been asked by others going through the USA – Australia move to give details about applying for the Australian Partner Visa.As with all the other sections of the visa application, the circumstances are different for everyone.If you did not own your house (for example, like in our situation we were living with our parents), that is okay. This can be simple things like letters from friends, as long as the letters have both your names on them.Most importantly for long-distance relationships, it needs to mention when you’ve been apart, and how you maintained your relationship during these periods of separation.This is quite a lot of writing, and can easily end up being 4 or 5 pages. To prove the social aspects of your relationship, statutory declarations are required from people that know both you and your partner.

This includes things like living arrangements, housework, joint ownership of your house, joint responsibility for bills, and correspondence addressed to both you and your partner at the same address.

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Some broad categories to include in this document include: Some of this will overlap with the relationship proof, but that is okay. These people need to be over 18 and ideally Australian citizens, although statements from non-Australians are often accepted if you and your partner don’t have any mutual friends in Australia.

They need to write about how they know you and your partner, and whether they think your relationship is genuine. The people filling these out will need to get them witnessed and signed by an authorized person (such as a police office, Justice of the Peace, or doctor).

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