Dating and ultimatums

For instance, Charlotte Tucker, a corporate lawyer, has decided that this August will be the cutoff date for her boyfriend of four years to propose.There are plenty of women who believe that dishing out an ultimatum will get their man in line.And, after a while, feeling crappy in a relationship will only have that person wanting out.If you're the one doing all the demanding, your intentions may be good, albeit a little misguided. or else," all you're doing is making your loved one cringe and perhaps want to Hulk-smash everything — and that's not healthy, for you or your partner.The truth is, it will likely cause him to drift further away or break apart from her entirely.There are three hard truths about ultimatums that every woman must know before ever dishing one out.

"For a lot of people, the act of getting married and having a wedding is an achievement, like getting your Ph. or getting a job promotion," says Joy Davidson, Manhattan psychologist and relationship therapist. "What it should be is a passage that is naturally evocative of where the relationship is, where the two people are and what they both want.

It doesn't sound super-lovey-dovey but it's a length some go to try and get what they want. Because no good feeling comes from an ultimatum — both to the person who dealt it their receiving partner.

If you're the one making the demands, naturally they all seem very rational and completely necessary.

Either her partner isn’t moving at her desired pace or he isn’t doing what she wants him to do, when she wants him to do it.

Whatever the case may be, she’s angling to gain control over the situation and her partner by serving up an ultimatum. Simply by making an ultimatum, a woman is showing that she doesn’t have control within the relationship.

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She admits that "I just gave hints and suggested that we should get engaged in the next however many months." Now, one year after her first "hint," Kathleen is engaged.

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