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The raised equator flange denotes where the two halves of the bell were pressed together to make the sphere.

The Europeans slowly took up this entertainment and around AD 1200 metal craftsmen in the continent began making small brass bells, to attach to the raptors, in order to make it easier for the handlers to locate their diurnal birds of prey during and after the hunt.The Amerinds tied these various bibelots to their limbs and/or wore them around their necks as well as being sewn onto clothing, especially when participating in ceremonial dances.These ancient hawk bells are reasonably uniform in size and shape.The preponderance have two small holes near the attachment tang/wire which, along with the two lower half holes and slit, are there to allow the ringing bell to be heard for a greater distance.Nearly all hawk bells are plain brass without any further embellishment but some were engraved with a variety of lines and circles and other geometric shapes.

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These trade bells were apparently cheap and easy to make in Europe and since the American Indians liked the little clamorous objects, a great abundance of them was obviously brought into this country. Stephen Davis INDIAN COMMUNITIES IN THE NORTH CAROLINA PIEDMONT A.

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