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He ruled with his step mother Hatshepsut for 22 years but persecuted her favourites after her death. Early date supporters favour Thutmose III (1504-1450) mentioned above as a late date oppression initiator.His reign (including the joint reign with Hatshepsut) totalling 54 years is the only one of any Pharaoh which fits in with the story of Moses' flight and 40 year stay in Midian (Exod.-23). was the one whom he fled from 40 years earlier there is no suitable Pharaoh for a late date except for Rameses II (1290-1224) though some scholars, (e.g. Late date supporters again see the figure of 40 years as symbolic so that Seti I (1312-1289) could have been the Pharaoh of Moses' day.An early date in the 15th century around 1450 BCE and a late date in the 13th century around 1270 BCE. It would be fair to say that the main motivation for those who support an early date is the defence of this text which states: As we know that this temple was built in 966 BCE going back a further 480 years before that gives us an Exodus date of 1444 BCE.

The late date argument allows the descent into Egypt to occur when the Hyksos ruled. Anderson[2] says that it is certain that it must be after or during the Hyksos period as a reference to a chariot in Gen. The Early date would give a date 1876 for the Sojourn under Pharaoh Senusert III who has no special reasons for supporting the Hebrews. ) as the Hyksos despised the sun-God Ra whose temple was at On.[4] Whatever the case the Hyksos period would have been a favourable time for the Hebrew entry.

He is "the new king who did not know anything about Joseph." Early date supporters would identify him as a Hyksos ruler.

Saying that an Egyptian could not say that the Hebrews were "too numerous".

But this makes it very close to the beginning of the early date supporters 430 year total sojourn giving a very short period for the Israelites to become too numerous for the Pharaoh as told in the Bible. gives it as 430 years[6] which leads us to believe it was an estimate.

In any case the genealogical evidence points to a sojourn considerably shorter than 400 years perhaps nearly 150 in reality.

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The problem of how the Israelites became "too numerous" in such a short time remains unclear on both sides though more flexibility to account for this is given by the late date.

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