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“Generally speaking, people who are using Xanax to get high are often times around alcohol, so they mix the two. Because they have added effects on each other, they slow down the central nervous system and respiratory system, which could possibly lead to death.” While attending high school, exposure to illegal substances, whether it’s marijuana or underage drinking, is almost bound to happen.However, the severity of use of these illegal substances has seen a lot of growth in the past couple of years, according to nurse Holly Hubbell. This over-prescribed drug is becoming a staple in parents’ medicine cabinets, making it much easier for teens to access. Around school, however, it’s referred to as “bars,” “zanies” or “planks” and used to get a feeling similar to intoxication.

[I took it because] someone had it and I was like, ‘Why not?

“Within 10 or 15 minutes you’re soaring into the euphoric high, or low for some. If you’re talking to them or observing them, they look drunk — they’re slurring words, their eyes are closed and their head is drooping. They just slow way down Sometimes, they’ll even fall asleep.

A lot of people are known to just fall over.” The drunken feeling associated with Xanax is unlike actual alcohol intoxication in that it wears off rapidly and impairs memory as well.

“He was in denial so there were a lot of fights with the family.

We didn’t have a relationship at all because he was always concerned with getting high.” Anxiety and a slight headache are early signs of withdrawal for an addicted user.

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