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Then create your profile right now- free of charge of course.As soon as we have your pictures and your complete data, your profile will be published in different women galleries of the Internetkontakte. Then click at the little green send a message-icon on the lower margin of the picture and let him find out that you are interested in him: he will automatically get a message with your ID number and request to get in touch with you.And you can be certain that the ladies and men here in contrast to a chance encounter in a restaurant or a bar will also be glad to get to know you.

Somit beinhaltet das Widerrufsrecht rein rechtlich eine kostenlose Mitgliedschaft auf Probe, wobei diese Testmitgliedschaft, die theoretisch gesehen also 14 Tage umfasst, nicht als so gesehen wird, wie einige Dienste die Schnuppermitgliedschaft definieren.

Afterwards you can contact the ladies at the push of the button: all you have to do is click at send a message sign beside the picture of a lady.

Your profile together with a message and your picture will be sent automatically to a chosen lady. If you happen to have discovered a man of your dreams in our gallery for men, you can let him know that you are interested in him and will be glad to hear from him by just clicking at the green send a message sign. Except if you want to make use of our translation service, a gift service or to meet the lady of your heart from face to face with the help of our travel service.

Oder – die schönste aller Möglichkeiten – jemand lernt 3 Tage, nachdem er die kostenpflichtige Mitgliedschaft eingegangen ist, den Traumpartner im realen Leben vollkommen offline kennen.

In allen Fällen kann die Mitgliedschaft sofort und innerhalb von 2 Wochen widerrufen werden.

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