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The coral reefs are artificially made, but the whole place is very much ideal for swimming, fishing, and boating.During low tides, a smaller, more undeveloped island appears and like the rest, is also suitable for fishing and swimming.Credits: Dave, Orlandu, Ultradraco, Alex Malano, Gabriel N. Sheets, Andy Miller, Stephen Ashton, Peter Cheong Choon Wah, Jones, NCPFLJohn, Kyle EChu, Starlight, Preston Lloid, Mer. This Document is Copyright 1999-2010 by Dan Simpson Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast are Copyright 1998-99 by Bioware I am not affiliated with Bioware, Interplay, or anyone who had anything to do with the creation of this game. [VIIGNR] Basic Strategies [FRQNTL] Frequently Asked Questions [WLKTHR] Walkthrough 1. _____ Shops (a * indicates that this item is only found in the Expansion Pack) ¯¯¯¯¯ There are four types of business (or "shop") - Store (Buy and Sell) - Tavern (Drink) - Inn - *Inn (Drink and Peasant rooms) - **Inn (Drink, Peasant and Merchant rooms) - ***Inn (Drink, Peasant, Merchant and Noble rooms) - ****Inn (Drink, Peasant, Merchant, Noble and Royal rooms) - Temple (Healing, Donate, Buy and Sell, Identify) All temple priests will identify items and so will some store owners. of Regeneration 560 Acid Arrows (5) 280 Potion of Insight 336 Bolt 1 (5) 56 Potion of Strength 392 Bolt of Lightning (5) 168 Potion of Freedom 280 Bolt of Biting (5) 420 .. of Mirrored Eyes 448 Potion of Fire Resist 448 Wand of Sleep 1680 Potion of Healing 84 Wand of Fear 2240 Elixer of Health 280 Horn of Kazgaroth 10080 Potion of Cold Resist 280 Claw of Kazgaroth 11200 Potion of Explosions 504 Robe Good Archmagi 22960 Potion of Infravision 112 Robe Neutral Archmagi 22960 Potion of Insulation 190 Protection Scrolls: Protection from Acid 840gp Protection from Cold 840 Protection from Electricity 840 Protection from Fire 840 Protection from Magic 2240 Protection from Poison 840 Protection from Undead 840 Spells: The spells can be found in the spells section below.Pike, Andrey Moujikov, Jesse La Croix, Matt Canfield, D Sanders, Kelvin Groves, The Real FXD, edwardalacey, Operador de Sala, Patrick, Douglas D., Dark Angel ([email protected]), Duncan Clay, Jon Wol F, Terry de Boer, Lrd Grifter, Juha Alm, Art Allison, Scott Werner, Scott Slonaker, Martect X, Rolf Zehb, Silviu, CJay C, The Bruce, Tonton Fred, GRi M, John Lucas, Aaron Mc Connell, Dennis Matheson, Ghostly, Gonzalo Jéldrez, Thomas de Roode, Robert Coutinho, Sir Erik Esoteric, John Van De Graaf, Yamian, Josh Clue, Master. This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it. NASHKEL - Temple of Helm (AR4802) TEMPLE - Nalin Cures: Cure Light Wounds 50gp Cure Serious Wounds 100gp Dispel Magic 200 Slow Poison 150 Remove Curse 500 Raise Dead* 600-10000 Items: Potion of Healing 84gp Antidote 112gp Elixer of Health 280 Stone to Flesh 168 * - Raise Dead costs differently depending on the person's alignment - Nashkel Store (AR4803) STORE (will identify and can steal) Battle Axe 5gp Long Sword 16gp Throwing Axe (5) 5 Short Sword 11 Club 1 2-hnd Sword 56 Flail 16 Heavy Crossbow 56 Mace 8 Light Crossbow 39 Morningstar 11 Arrows (20) 1 Composite Long Bow 112 Bolts (20) 1 Long Bow 84 Bullets (20) 1 Short Bow 33 Chainmail 84 Dagger 2 Splint Mail 89 Dart (10) 1 Leather Armor 5 Halberd 11 Plate Mail 672 War Hammer 2 Small Shield 3 Sling 1 Medium Shield 7 Spear 1 Large Shield 1 2240 Quarter Staff 1 History/Fateful Coin 2 Bastard Sword 28 - Belching Dragon Tavern (aka The Northern Light) (AR4809) TAVERN - Nashkel Inn (AR4801) ***INN NASHKEL CARNIVAL - Merchant Tent (x 2523 y 2837) STORE (will identify) Necklace of Missiles 2240gp Protection/Acid 840gp Amulet/Protection 1 3360 Protection/Cold 840 Shield Amulet 560 Protection/Fire 840 Ring of Infravision 840 Protection/Electricity 840 Protection/Petrification 840 - Carnival Shop (x 2827 y 3008) STORE (will identify and can steal) Battle Axe 5gp War Hammer 2gp Throwing Axe (5) 5 Spear 1 Club 1 Quarter Staff 1 Flail 16 Bastard Sword 28 Mace 8 Long Sword 16 Morningstar 11 Short Sword 11 Dagger 2 - Carnival Shop (x 3194 y 3282) STORE (will identify and can steal) Throwing Axe (5) 5gp Heavy Crossbow 56gp Composite Long Bow 112 Light Crossbow 39 Long Bow 84 Arrows (20) 1 Short Bow 33 Arrows/Piercing (2) 112 Throwing Dagger (5) 5 Bolt (20) 1 Dart (10) 1 Bullet (20) 1 Sling 1 - Carnival Shop (x 3246 y 2618) STORE (will identify and can steal) Chain Mail 84gp Small Shield 3gp Splint Mail 89 Medium Shield 7 Leather 5 Large Shield 11 Studded Leather 22 TEMPLE - Song of the Morning Temple (AR3402) TEMPLE - Keldath Ormlyr GULLYKIN - Temple of Yondalla (aka Temple of Helm) (AR4003) TEMPLE - Alvanhendar Cures: Cure Light Wounds 50gp Cure Serious 100 Dispel Magic 200 Slow Poison 150 Remove Curse 500 Raise Dead 600-10000 Items: Potion of Healing 84 Antidote 112 Elixer of Health 280 Stone to Flesh Scroll 168 BALDUR'S GATE - Lucky Aello's Discount Store (AR 0800, x 3123 y 1011) Oil of Speed 168gp (cursed) Potion of Healing 168 Antidote 56 (cursed) Potion of Perception 392 Various Cursed Scrolls 1 - Bar (AR 0800, x 3400 y 1700) -- Rest, Drinks - Elfsong Tavern (AR 0800, x 1800 y 2370) -- Rest, Drinks - Elfsong Tavern Second Floor -- Buys/Sells, Identifies Necklace of Missiles 2240gp Protection/Cold 840gp Amulet/Protection 1 3360 Protection/Electricity 840 Shield Amulet 560 Protection/Fire 840 Ring of Infravision 840 Protection/Petrification 672 Protection/Acid 840 - Silence Shop (AR 0800, x 3360 y 2000) -- Rest, Buys/Sells Dagger 2gp Cloak of Protection 1 5600gp Leather Armor 5 Dart 1 (5) 44 Sling 1 Dart of Stunning (5) 560 Bastard Sword 28 Sling 1 112 Long Sword 16 Potion of Master Thief 448 Short Sword 11 Potion of Agility 336 Studded Leather 22 Bullet (20) 1 Studded Leather 1 1680 Bullet 1 (20) 179 Leather Armor 1 1120 Bullet 2 (20) 336 - Sorcerous Sundries (AR 0800, x 1025 y 1950) -- Buys/Sells 77, Identifies Hide Armor 7gp Antidote 112gp Battle Axe 1 1680 Potion of Clarity 784 Dart 1 (5) 44 Potion of Cold Resist 280 Dart of Stunning (5) 560 Potion of Defense 784 Dart of Wounding (5) 280 Potion of Explosions 504 Bastard Sword 1 2800 Potion of Firebreath 280 Long Sword 1 1400 Potion of Fortitude 560 Arrows 1 (5) 56 Potion of Genius 336 Arrow of Slaying (1) 2800 Potion of Infravision 112 Acid Arrows (5) 280 Potion of Insulation 190 Arrows of Biting (5) 280 Potion of Magic Blocking 1680 Arrows/Detonation (5) 1680 Potion of Magic Protect 1120 Arrows/Dispelling (5) 1680 Potion of Magic Shield 1400 Arrows of Fire (5) 140 Potion of Master Thief 448 Arrows of Ice (5) 168 Potion of Mind Focusing 560 Arrows of Piercing (5) 280 Potion of Mirrored Eyes 448 Arrows 2 (5) 100 Potion of Perception 392 Bolt 1 (5) 56 Potion of Regeneration 560 Bolt of Lightning (5) 168 Potion of Insight 336 Bolt of Biting (5) 420 Potion of Strength 392 Bolt 2 (5) 84 Potion of Freedom 280 Bullet 1 (5) 44 Potion of Stone Form 560 Bullet 2 (5) 84 Protection from Acid 840 Potion of Fire Resist 448 Protection from Cold 840 ..Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at: This is mostly a sequential walkthrough, which means that it will go in the order that I think is a good one (not necessarily the best way to do things, but one that worked well for me). Note: If you are a Ranger, then you also have to select your Racial Enemy here. The worse your Charisma, the higher these prices will be! If a store already has an item that you are selling, they will give you a lesser price than they would if it was the first of that item that they saw.Since a lot of elements in Baldur's Gate can be done at any time, this presents a few problems. So, if you have 3 Plate Mails, sell them all at once to maximize the profit. (this is because you can Write Magic from a Mage Scroll but cannot from a Cleric) Note: Although Inns are open 24 hours a day, many shops close during the night.However, if one will just look around more, they will find that there are other less-known but equally beautiful beach spots in other parts of the Philippines.In Pagadian, in particular, there are beaches and islands that will make one believe that there is such a thing as a secluded paradise on Earth.

** CON adds a certain amount of HP per level gained.

The Muricay Beach is located further away, at 4 kilometers, but the white sands and clear seas more than make up for the distance.

There are also mangrove tracts and seaweed plantations nearby, for those who are interested in such plant specimens.

There is also the White Beach that, as its name suggests, is a stretch of white sand beach just minutes southeast of the seaport. The clear, deep, blue waters (even during low tides) are excellent for swimming and diving.

The Bomba Beach, located in barangay Bomba some 2 kilometers away from the city, is also a good area for swimming and fishing, with a bomba bridge and natural coral reefs.

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A nice place to start would be the Dao-Dao Islands some seven to ten minutes away from the seaport, when riding a motorboat.

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