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Urara walks upwards a stair case, as Ryu spots her.As he walks past her, she glares at him, causing him to trip and falls on her.Urara is shown to have very little modesty, and she takes a very relaxed stance to nudity.She asks Ryu to take a bath for her after having swapped bodies with him, and later does not mind that Ryu can look right up under her skirt when she (actually Leona in her body) is wearing no underwear.Perhaps as a result of her limited social experience, Urara is a straight-shooter of sorts, speaking very bluntly while talking to other people.This is seen most prominently when Ryu devises romantic scenarios in his mind after they agree to date, and she responds by telling him why many of his ideas are not ideal for their arrangement.

Shiraishi is a very pretty girl of average height with blonde hair, brown eyes, large breasts, and a slender figure.

She allows her long hair to flow down her back with a pair of X-shaped ornaments protruding from behind her ears, and two large strands hanging over her shoulders that gently frame her delicate features.

As noted by Miyamura, she is very attractive and likewise is adored by many boys for her exceptional beauty.

Most of the times she is able to keep them in check, knowing that Ryu will never betray her.

However, those feelings greatly overwhelm her once she has fallen under the Provocation Power of Masamune Ichijo, causing her to become clingy and possessive toward Ryu and see Nene as her rival.

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