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If you have any hesitations about travelling to Tunis, this hotel could help ease your fears.

The Hotel de l'Agriculture is a unique and modern accommodation in Tunis.

The Bardo Museum (also known as Le use National du Bardo) is a popular stop for tourists, especially during the summer heat.

This museum has what is regarded as some of the most spectacular mosaics in the world dating back to the Roman Empire. The museum is easy to get to via public transportation and slightly more difficult by foot because of busy city street crossings.

And true to its reputation, Tunisia sees only ten millimetres of rainfall during the entire month of August.

It would be a fluke for you to see any more than three days of light precipitation while on holiday.

Since then, this open public square has become a great meeting point.

Average Sunshine Hours and Rain The region basks in 12 hours of sunshine on any given day.Temperature The average temperature in Tunis in August is 27 degrees Celsius.This average takes into account a possible low of 21 degrees Celsius and a high of 33 degrees Celsius.Bordering the medina, the Kasbah Square is a popular local hangout.This area is the location of many of the demonstrations in the 2011 revolution.

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This three-star hotel offers great value for the money spent on its rooms.

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