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We have found a few clues: Digital Stroud website says: “Ham Mill is recorded as a cloth mill from 1608, and in 1634 was sold to Samuel Webb, who received grants of protection against the plundering of his goods in the Civil War from Prince Maurice in 1642 and Prince Rupert in 1643 – a measure of the importance attached to supplies of Stroud scarlets by the Royalists.” Grace’s Guide online says: “The firm [Strachan’s] preserves an interesting letter from King Charles to Prince Rupert, written during the Civil War, authorising him to commandeer all the cloth in the Stroud Valley for the use of his troops.”Covering both these sources, a research note published by Gloucestershire Archives says that the archive includes a photograph of the letter from Charles 1 to Prince Rupert in 1643 concerning supplies of cloth from the Stroud area for the troops.

And that in 1643 Samuel Webb, clothier of Lyppiatt, was given safe conduct by Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice.

It stood on the opposite side of the Phoenix works inside a gate just before the bridge that led to the mobile home site.

I used to cut the grass for what was the school field back in the early 2000’s and access was through this gate.

If you want to search this Enquiries list, use your browser’s own Search utility (Ctrl F in most cases) to skip quickly down.Q: I am looking for additional information about James Clutterbuck Builders – I have already found them in local trade directories.My distant Grandfather Joseph Griffin, worked there as a carpenter for 40 years.His brother was Isaac Lendon and his obituary was in The Stroud Journal 1821.It seems that he was quite a prominent man in Stroud, having a coach works for many years sited on the junction of John Street with London Road in the centre of Stroud and he lived in London Road.

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