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The configuration script with the name is provided with the installation of the Fast CGI extension.

It is located in % IIS focuses on full PHP functionality support and performance of PHP applications that are running on the Fast CGI extension.

The non-thread-safe PHP build provides a performance boost from a lack of thread safety that is acceptable for a single-concurrency environment like Fast CGI.

Once PHP is installed on Windows, you have two options to configure Fast CGI: use the configuration script that is provided with the installation of the Fast CGI extension, or perform all the configuration tasks manually by modifying IIS configuration settings and the file.

don't use it for another set of radion buttons in another form on the same page.

Using several submit buttons for creating a choice menu necessarily restricts it into a 1-of-many choice.

This applies in particular to the problem of initial (default) selection, which can be solved by careful use of elements with the Consider a very simple questionnaire which contains only yes/no questions, implemented using pairs of radio buttons, which is in itself a logical thing to do.

But assume the code is essentially the following: which might look like the following on a screen: In such a case, if the user does not answer a question at all, the results you get depend on the browser he is using to fill out the form.

It would be natural to assume that the data received indicates that the question was not answered, i.e. Actually most browsers do not behave that way; Lynx is an exception I've seen - there might be others.

(In some cases, you might combine choices and free input; for example, you could have a set of alternatives, the last one being for "Other, please specify", with an attached free text input field.) Note: If the choices are not essentially a simple list of alternatives, i.e.

if you need to construct a attribute) constitute a group.

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