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Apparently, Pinterest/David Tutera isn’t going to swoop in and plan it for you, and also it turns out that planning a big event while holding down a full-time job may not actually be in your wheelhouse.

But alas, the day comes when you have to step away from the “my crazy amazing wedding ideas” Pinterest board and figure out what you’re actually doing.

A checklist with a hundred steps would have just stressed me out.

(In fact, I signed up for one, blacked out when I looked at it, and never checked it again.) So if you’re anything like me, we’ve created a simple wedding checklist—or, really, flowchart—for you.

“I like everyone to meet each other and be friends and stuff,” he explains.

"There was a side of me that was ecstatic – the teenage boy in me that wants to fuck everything I see," reveals Ryan, a millennial in an open relationship.

Feel free to adjust this timeline—stretch it out and do it leisurely, or cut all the stuff you can’t be bothered with and do it in a few months.

Likewise, remember that just because something is on the list, it does not mean that you have to do it. If you’re getting married in your backyard, cross out all the stuff about finding a venue.

But beyond that, it’s all extra, so cross out what you don’t need. We’re wedding experts, but we’re not experts on wedding, so if you want to do things in a different order, girlfriend, you do you.“I remember the first night, I was telling him about my difficulty with monogamy,” she says.“I don’t know why I felt the need, but it must have been on my mind a lot.” In almost every relationship she’d had, she’d found herself cheating, though she didn’t know if this was a character flaw or a problem with the conventional system. “I was just trying to get into your panties,” he says to her, laughing.Tonight is one of those nights, and soon Leah will head to Jim’s penthouse apartment, where the rest of the evening, she says, will probably entail “hanging out, watching something, having sex.” “She’ll usually spend the night,” Ryan adds nonchalantly, which gives him a chance to enjoy some time alone or even invite another woman over.He doesn’t have a long-standing secondary relationship like Leah (“I’ve actually veered away from doing that”), but he certainly enjoys the company of other women, even sometimes when Leah is home.

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