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That all-too familiar vague glint in a person’s eyes and he knows exactly what’s about to happen.Usually, he says he’s only about 60% confident his IMDB page will be cited and not Mc Dermott’s. The confusion that’s dogged their respective careers will hopefully be put to rest now that both actors have agreed to become the same person, for the sake of each other’s sanity as well as the convenience to film and television audiences worldwide.Both dark-haired actors in their late 40’s, the two would seem almost nothing alike beneath the surface.Dylan Mc Dermott — raised by his bar-owner father in Greenwich Village and inspired by his adoptive mother Eve Ensler (author of ) — learned to assume the demeanor of his favorite movie stars as a teenager and thus was drawn to acting.List of the best Dermot Mulroney movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available.Dermot Mulroney's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world.

“I loved you in that part.” Mc Dermott for the first time opened up about a phone call from his agent in 2001 where he was pitched several ideas, including one feature script that would put him back on the career path he had following the success of . He didn’t know my work — my own agent, he doesn’t know which of us is which?

It hit me like a rock.” Publicists have warned against an arrangement such as this for fear that an announcement may gather little notice seeing as so few can actually differentiate one actor from the other as it stands.

Additional notoriety might only increase the confusion.

“It just started to make sense to do this,” Mulroney said.

“For years, my mom would warn me to stay away from Lara Flynn Boyle and I thought that was just good common-sense, motherly advice. “I didn’t connect that she was talking about her character on the show until she mentioned she’d been watching for two seasons thinking that her son was the star of the series.

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