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I see no future in performing for some complete stranger just so he - and it's always male admirers - can get his rocks off.

I had one recently tell me he had had two girls masturbate on cam for him and did I want to be the third: I told him it would be a waste of good sperm.

Had the devil's own problems getting in to Tibet from China but worth it. I also returned to TV Chix after several years away. After more flights than a frigging condor I thought enough.

Best site on the internet for us girls without a doubt. So this year I plan to travel to the UK where I was born and base myself there for 18 months.

He was quite a dish and I would have asked him to get behind me but he had an absolutely drop dead gorgeous Brazilian boyfriend. Just back from Myanmar doing some volunteer work amongst the Shan people. Makes one realise how lucky we are in the first world. My doctor has put me on the Fodmap diet: lactose and gluten free, no pulses - I live on Heinz baked beans - limited fruit and vegies. So on the plus side I look gorgeously slim and my gurly clothes especially the new PVC dress fit me sensationally. After a totally decadent few months in Europe and the UK I'm back in Oz looking twenty years older but non the wiser. Mein Gott is that the sweet gurl who first joined Chix a few years ago.

After about a mile I realised I had a problem with a flay tyre.

Pull onto the hard shoulder and commenced to change it.

A word to new male admirers who want to know am I dressed. I'm currently residing in a small village at the foothills of the Pennines: it makes a winter's day in Sydney seem positively balmy.

If you think I walk around the house bollocky then you are barmy.

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2014 was fun - not as much as 2013 when I lived in Thailand for 6 months with a gorgeous ladyboy. Did several trips including two to the UK to visit family and friends. Last night at the hotel I frocked up - I was on my way ultimately to England so was carrying a few of my clothes. India is like a handful of jewels in a barrel of excrement.

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