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Anyway AMBER BABE, Im gonna be a bit busy over the next couple of days, so might miss a couple of "Checks" !!! But I "WILL" Be thinking of you, and wishing I could join you, (As always LOL). speak soon XXXloveu XXX HI AMBER BABE, Posted a reply yesterday, Sat, early am, dont know whats happened to it, Just Going to bed now, ( Horny For You ), and knackered. It's all set up for tonight so I am going to get my sexiest gear out ready to wear, when my fella phoned I asked him what he would do if I said I wanted another threesome but with two guy's sharing me, his reply was that since I would share with another girl he would be happy to let a friend of his join us for a MMF threesome, thats for another night, right now im looking forward to this little orgy. I think, if you have time before your "3some", just test him out by saying something like,..." I know this guy that id like to join us in another 3some ", and see what his reaction would be, if he thought that you wanted "Two Cocks" to share!!! Anyway AMBER BABE, Im getting horny thinking of you with your new friend, ( Tha Female One )LOL, so Im going to leave you to enjoy it, ( Wish I knew when it was going to happen ), Id be thinking of you, ( And Probably Wanking Over It ), but never mind eh!! Ayway AMBER, as long as your happy with what you are doing, thats all that matters, I just wish that I could " Eat You Out " For A Long Session, But that is back to " Dreaming " again, Ah Well,... Well AMBER BABE, Im signing off for now, give " PUSSY " a Kiss, ( And if it were at all possible,... I couldn't resist fingering my friends wet cunt and soon she was kissing me and pushing her hand up my skirt.

Will post again tomorrow, ( MON ) Some time, EVE!!! XXXX Hi again AMBER BABE, You sexy thing, I dont think there are many guys who would turn down the chance of being with two women, but would he reciprocate for you ?? pretty soon we were naked and lying on the settee feeling each other up when I suggested we get into a 69 and see who cums most,we went for it resulting in intence orgasms, I turned around and we kissed and kissed for what seemed like hours, we fell asleep for a while well satisfied but still horny.

Hi AMBER BABE, I see that we seem to have gotten back to "Normal" again, I got so pissed off with trying to leave messages, and not getting anywhere, I took a break for a few days!!! Anyway AMBER BABE, its so good to see you back in print and ,(it seems Enjoying Yourself, LOL), Ive really missed you and your "Tales". Hi AMBER BABE Again, at least my last message got through!!! I Always use the "Submit" button , but I think I might have been "too" Raunchy in what I was saying, although that doesnt make sense to me, considering what you write!!! I was begining to think that you might think I was ignoring you, and that certainly isnt the case, I love our little chats on here. Im not into the "Golden Shower" thing myself, but I know, from various other sites, that a lot of people are, as it seems that maybe you are?? I dont deride people for it, each to thier own, as long as they are not harming "Kids or anyone else", I LOVE LIVER, Many people hate it!! I hope everything works out for you babe, I would hate to see you hurt again, but that is part of life I suppose. Last night my bf came to my place and after some small talk we ended up in bed again for some great fucking, I told him about my bisexual past and about my latest friend and he became really exited and asked all sorts of questions about her and said he would love to have the two of us together, this led to another great fuck and now im about to arrange that threesome with my other lover. LOVE YOU XXX XXX popsie, My new bf is really keen and has just sent me flowers, wow thats lovely of him.

Im glad that your getting "Plenty of Cock & Pussy", and now that Judy is back,(and possibly joining you & Penny), I think you may be getting "Well F****d" LOL. Anyway AMBER, Im glad your still having some "Girlie Fun", I think that two women together, is one of the most "EROTIC" sights ever, ESPECIALY if they are "IN LOVE", & Making Love, Not just having sex, HMMmmmm,.. , so each to thier own I say, Anyway AMBER BABE, Its good that you seem to be having some real fun at last, Im very happy for you, just wishing, (as usual), that I could be giving you some "FUN", but thats life I guesse, ( popsie, things have been calmer this week, still had my guy round for nookie but on Wednesday my old gf turned up and we chilled out with a bottle of wine before she went to the loo for a pee and I followed her and watched her golden liquid flow before I stood her up and felt that lovely wet cunt, it didn't take long for us to strip and embrace, we showered together and I started to pee on her as we held each other close, she commented that it was one of the most erotic things she had ever experienced and we must do it again together soon, well we dried off and spent the night together, again. Just go with the flow Babe, and I hope that you really enjoy it whatever happens. Hi Again AMBER BABE, Im glad that things seem to be going good for you at the moment,and I hope it lasts for a while, ( or at least as long as you want it to ), You talk about licking pussies in the " Past Tense" in your message, does that mean you are not into it as much as before ?? I thought that it was your " MAIN " Preference, and that " Cock ", was just an ocassional bonus. As for my female friend the other day, seeing her gorgeous pussy brought back all those memories of when I was a school girl and how i used to love licking pussies.

when he does, I really hope that he treats you better than the last one did, and that you have a great time with him, as usual, ( Jealous part here, LOL. There are problems and there are problems, mine is simply too many lovers.

), I wish it could be me, I would try and give you " THE TIME of YOUR LIFE " and make you happy, even if it was only for a few short hours. I love my guy with his fantastic big cock fucking me the way he does and I love to have sex with the girls, so sexy to be making out with other tender loving females.

Iv'e never been with such a horny girl before, never before had she been so up for it, wow I had her all to myself and made sure I got my fill.I soon got her to remove her panties and marveled at her gorgeous shaved pussy glistning with beads of moisture just waiting for attention, well what do you thing I did next?Hi AMBER BABE, GOD, Your such a tease, telling me what you have been up to, knowing that I wished it was "me" making you "CUM", You know Im jealous, LOL., but if you do, I hope you continue to be happy, I wish it could be me, but I guesse I`ll have to dream on, ( Jealous or What ) LOL. Hugs & Kisses from me to you as usual, and a " SPECIAL ONE " for " PUSSY ", Take Care,... Last night was fantastic, my new guy was so romantic, a valantines night prince, we had a meal at a nice restaurant and went to a club where we chatted and drank before he offered to bring me home.I just dream about eating and licking you to a " MASSIVE ORGASM ", And hopefully more than a few,... naturaly I invited him in for a coffee which led to some kissing and his hands were soon touching my breasts and ass so I just said ''why don't we go to bed'' He didn't need asking twice, soon we were naked and I was holding a big hard cock that felt so right for having in my pussy, before long we were fucking like our lives depended on it, wow can this guy cum, ive never known a guy shoot so much inside me.

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