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couple went on a Disney vacation together, the father-of-one reunited with Bri in LA for the reunion special taping — and they looked extremely cozy and coupled up in Bri's latest Instagram post. We talk every day, she’s busy with the two girls and I’m busy working out.

It also got a mention on the "Conan" late-night talk show.“He didn’t say Mouse He talked about a new Disney dating site. We've compiled a list of several fellow Disney actresses the boys dated — or were strongly rumored to have dated — before they left the House of Mouse for college at NYU. The duo were allegedly together for "one month," which would be sweet if it's true, since their characters dated on the show — until she dumped him for Bob.The duo do have some cute pics together, not gonna lie.I am definitely one of a kindd, I'm just looking for a honest open minded looks at the glass half full kinda girl I never dated really Iive spent my entire life alone I was raised old fashion respect...If you’re having trouble finding your Prince or Princess Charming, this new dating website exclusively for Disney lovers might do the trick.

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However, he had trouble finding women who shared his enthusiasm for Disney."Anaheim is very near several colleges, so there’s a lot of kids who are 18-19 years old," he said. I didn’t find a lot of women in their late 20s early 30s that had an interest in Walt Disney and the history of the park." Tavres, 41, now works as technical program manager for a tech company in California.

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