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Use your body movement with the water to stimulate your clitoris. Dig the Shovel This can give you an option on your type of orgasm – clitoral or “G-Spot”.If you can avoid manual stimulation, your orgasm will be incredible! After you have initiated masturbation and you are naturally lubricated or have applied lubricant.Keep seductively going thru the digging motion until one area is unavoidable.concentrate there and dig in until you hit pay dirt! Electric An electric toothbrush will not only keep that bright smile pretty, it can keep it there!You can synchronize your rubbing motions to match your masturbation experience. Ease into the in the tub and start sprinkling water on various parts of your body.All in all, you are bound to have an incredible experience. In the bathtub First, fill the tub with enough hot water that it is not cold to lay in. The water will feel warm on your skin at first, then cool down.

Listening to sexy or romantic music can enhance your mood and you can pat your clitoris to off and on to the groove of the music.You should have the same consideration for yourself too!Don’t just plunge your fingers in, be gentle and work for it!As you start to orgasm, then rub as it feels best all over you clitoris enjoying a well deserved orgasm! The Sandwich Cookie This technique is much like delicious cookies sandwiching a cream filling.Your index and middle fingers serve as the delicious cookies here.

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