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it makes bubbles just like in a bottle of carbonated beverage when the pressure is reduced).

When a gas bubble forms, it will also continue to grow in size as pressure is reduced and more of the gas comes out of solution. If the liquid part of the magma has a low viscosity, then the gas can expand relatively easily.

Welding, compaction and deposition of other grains cause tephra (loose material) to be converted into pyroclastic rock.

Volcanic Landforms Volcanic landforms are controlled by the geological processes that form them and act on them after they have formed.

Thus, a given volcanic landform will be characteristic of the types of material it is made of, which in turn depends on the prior eruptive behavior of the volcano.

Here we discuss the major volcanic landforms and how they are formed Most of this material will be discussed with reference to slides shown in class that illustrate the essential features of each volcanic landform.

Lahars may be hot or cold and move at high velocity as they fill stream valleys that drain the volcano.

Viscosity is an important property in determining the eruptive behavior of magmas.This will cause an explosive volcanic eruption and the production of pyroclastic material.Explosive Eruptions Explosive eruptions are favored by high gas content & high viscosity magmas (andesitic to rhyolitic magmas).The Products of Volcanic Eruptions Lava Flows When magma reaches the surface of the earth, it is called lava.Since it its a liquid, it flows downhill in response to gravity as a lava flows.

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This type of eruption is called a If the eruption column collapses a pyroclastic flow will occur, wherein gas and tephra rush down the flanks of the volcano at high speed.

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