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For example, consider the following JSON: In the example above, Alice and Bob both will get personalized subject lines “Hey, Alice” and “Hey, Bob” and unique unsubscribe links.

When sent via SMTP, recipient variables can be included by adding the following header to your email, “X-Mailgun-Recipient-Variables: ”.

Be sure to check out the additional capabilities provided by using our libraries.

You can also access many Mailgun features through your Mailgun Control Panel using your browser and logging in at

Use “plain text” SMTP authentication and the credentials from the domain details page in your Control Panel which can be found by clicking on a domain in the Domains Tab. The queueing algorithms are one of the most important features of Mailgun.

If you try to send bulk mailings all at once, most ISPs will block you, or worse, just drop your messages without telling you.

But it only allows sending to a list of up to 5 authorized recipients.

If you are a high volume sender or if you are interested in a custom contract, you can contact sales. It allows both sending and receiving messages; and also tracking can be enabled for it.They give you the ability to send a custom message to each recipient while still using a single API Call (or SMTP session).To access a recipient variable within your email, simply reference %recipient.yourkey%.There, you can choose the appropriate permissions level for each user.And when it’s time to add new users to your account, you’ll be able to easily select a role upon user creation.

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In addition to the API, Mailgun supports the standard SMTP protocol.

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