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But please share your experience; How many years it could take to get GC if it is started with in Aug.

2008 for -EB2 category -EB3 category I am trying to understand the time (years) difference between two process. Instead of asking such questions, go ahead first and file something as soon as you can, because there are other people who are filing in EB1, 2,3, family based etc etc etc... Always eb2 better than eb3, some of my friends who filed in 2002 eb3 have still not got GC, if you file in 2008 may be you will get it in 2015-2016... All, our last interpretation has been confirmed by one immigration lawyer, but we are trying to get more opinions.

Our analysis: This paragraph clubs together EB (subsection b of Sec 203) and Family-based (subsection a of Sec 203) immigrant visas.

So if there are excess visas under both in a calendar quarter, then country quotas (paragraph 2 above) do not apply.

I will be applying for 7th yr H1 based on an ongoing GC process. Now my question is which one should she use for employment.. So, once 485 EAD comes, she will be in similar situation. The CSPA seems to be very clear you have one year from the time the visa BECAME current so you would have been one year late in applying.

Also if either can be used then OPT ead is preferred since on OPT you do not have to pay Social Security and Medicare Taxes I am also interested in this topic. Be assured I know this aging out thing is awful my family is a victim of it too.

Perceptions of and emotional responses to a relationship are contained within an often unexamined mental map of the relationship, also called a love map by John Gottman.

These can be explored collaboratively and discussed openly.

I know this is not a good question as there is no time frame for GC process?

The core values they comprise can then be understood and respected or changed when no longer appropriate.

This implies that each person takes equal responsibility for awareness of the problem as it arises, awareness of their own contribution to the problem and making some fundamental changes in thought and feeling.

At this time we do not have representation in Oregon, Portland and if you could please pass on the message to your friends, that will be of great help to the community. From January, she can switch to 485 EAD and pay social security tax. I-140 was approved on october 08, 2002 and it was filed on may 20, 2003 i dnt think that my dad filed I-485.

Regards, -WPCan I apply for H1 B extension on my own or does it have to go through an immigrtion attorney? Is this process any different from normal H1B application ( the first 6 years) Thanks My wife has both OPT EAD (on F1) and 485 EAD. The OPT EAD was applied before july since we did not know abt the july thing earlier.... Once you travel on AP and come back, you cannot continue working using OPT. So, it is better to switch to 485 EAD to avoid confusion. Since the I140 was approved in October 2002 and the visa became current in August 2003, from my knowledge you had until August 2004 to file the I824.

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