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In December, a year after Free Basics launched in India, telecom regulators ordered Facebook’s Indian telecom partner to halt the nationwide rollout until they could decide how to police differential pricing, or charging different prices for different internet data — with Free Basics clearly implicated.(Press reports allege Free Basics has continued running, and the CEO of Babajob, one of the services included on the site, told me on January 28: “We still have users coming in.”) The regulators then offered Indians an opportunity to voice their opinion on the issue throughout January, promising a decision by the end of January that still hasn’t come but is expected in a week’s time.Sites don’t pay to be included, and Babajob already had a lightweight site in line with Facebook’s technical requirements to work on cheaper phones and 2g and 3g internet connections.But even before it launched in India, became mired in controversy.An ad for Free Basics in Bangalore, featuring a moon-walking glove hand Now, Indian regulators are predicted to ban Free Basics in a decision expected within a week. (I found it also helps cost-conscious people who were already online save a few hundred rupees on data each month.) Absent from the ads, but also acknowledged by the company, is the fact that Free Basics helps Facebook, by funneling the next billion users towards its lucrative social network.(Users don’t have to create a Facebook account to access the rest of Free Basics, but Facebook is the first selection on the list.

Organizing the opposition movement has been a loose collective called Save The, which has been wrangling the savvy Indian tech and startup scene to argue that this hurts not only net neutrality, but That’s because at a time when Indian companies are emerging to compete with Silicon Valley, Free Basics lets one company decide what a swath of internet users get to see, making it harder for a little guy to be discovered in the internet wilds if they don’t join Free Basics.

Yet leaks of the ruling have surfaced in recent days — and it appears Facebook will come out on the losing end.

To see how important this battle is to the company, with a possible domino effect across the other countries where Free Basics is offered, you only need to have witnessed how hard Facebook fought.

Hoping Indians ‘like’ it: a Free Basics billboard in Mumbai, during and after the campaign If you wanted to get a glimpse of how hard Facebook can fight when pressed against the wall — a hint of its war chest, the scope of its ambition to access and connect the developing world — take a drive around Mumbai, India’s financial capital, as 2015 turned into 2016. On a busy shopping street, a sign reading “A First Step Towards Digital Equality,” picturing two young women in saris, chatting while looking at a cellphone. Also everywhere: the newspaper ads, full-page ads — double full-page ads!

Emblazoned on bus stops — “A Billion Reasons to Support Digital Equality” and an image of an outmoded cellphone.

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More ads in the Bandra district of Mumbai__The Defenders For Sean Blagsvedt__, Free Basics was a clear fit.

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