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“We may have room on one of our processing lines and try to use that line for a new product.Looking at the equipment available, we will consider what we can make or add that meets a consumer need.The yogurt samples were identified with freshness dating that indicated they were either one month from expiration, one day from expiration, one day past expiration or one month past expiration. In reality, all yogurt samples were equally fresh and were more than 30 days ahead of their actual expiration date.Each participant was then asked to rate the degree to which the two target yogurts were acceptable, fresh, safe, healthful and risky.Food companies may have more to lose than to gain by placing freshness dating on their refrigerated products, says a new study, which reveals that consumer taste perception is influenced by how fresh they believe a product to be.Recent concerns with food safety have led to a number of products featuring 'freshness dating', a variation of expiration dating, as a form of guarantee of food quality.The biggest decline in perceptions of a food was found to be between foods believed to be 30 days fresh and one day fresh.And a product that was even one day past being dated as fresh was significantly degenerated in its acceptability.

Mc Call added that market trends also prompted Frito-Lay to embrace Culinology.However, a product labeled as fresh was not significantly more acceptable than one that was unlabeled, the study found.In the food and beverage industry, the key moment in the product development process occurs when a consumer bites into a product for the first time.But according to a study by researchers at Cornell University, this may be damaging their product more than it is promoting it.​.Their study reveals that freshness dating, or 'best if used by' dating, influences peoples' taste perception, as well as their perceptions of the product's freshness and its healthfulness.

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