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If Anticipated Financial Aid is not enough, students will be required to pay the difference to avoid disenrollment from all classes.If an embassy or other organization will pay your registration fees and/or tuition, you must submit a current letter of financial guarantee at least three (3) business days prior to your TITAN registration appointment.Each person or couple can join on any Tuesday night; there is no start or end date.If you have any questions call Don (714-240-4245 for men) or Alexandra (714-240-4046 for women), or visit So if you could use some help (in the form of learning useful skills) and some hope (in the form of a support group, and by hearing actual couples tell their stories of overcoming tough marital struggles), then we invite you to attend The Third Option!Select "Account Inquiry" to view any current balances due.

If finances are a concern, please come anyway; no one is ever turned away due to lack of funds.

Check Titan Online for the date(s) on which you are eligible to register.

For questions regarding your registration appointment, please contact Admissions and Records at (657) 278-7601.

In-person and mail-in payments are due by PM on the date given by Titan Online after registering.

Anticipated Financial Aid must be enough to cover all tuition and fees.

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An on-going, continuous support group for wives whose marriages have experienced any form of sexual betrayal. (Ongoing, women only, faith content: moderate) A confidential, life-building, shame free, ongoing and continuous support group for men struggling with sexual temptations and addiction.

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