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Friendship is the preferred starting point for teens.The friendship period is the time to find out if another person is truly a Christian.I will be using this Revision Cafe flipchart to guide our work today.In order to view the flipchart, you will need to download the Activ Inspire software from Promethean Planet. I will also model how to revise short choppy sentences by adding types of phrases and combining them to create compound, complex, or compound complex sentences CCSS. L.9-10.1b For guided practice, I will have students work together to revise another sentence.

Friendship, dating, and courtship are three methods of beginning a relationship with the opposite sex (the final relationships are engagement and marriage).

Dating is the next step and it can be set up in a way that maintains the friendship goals, at least until both people are ready to commit to each another as potential marriage partners.

Courtship is not a third step but an option to friendship/dating; it takes the position that two people have no physical contact at all (no touching, no holding hands, no kissing) until marriage.

Why do girls spend so much time discussing makeup/clothes and other people?

These are not dates, but group activities at church, adultsupervised outings, or parent-approved functions.

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