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When hitchhiking in the north of the country, it might occur that people stop just to ask if you need assistance unrelated to transportation.In fact, you don't stand longer than 10 minutes without some car stopping for you.(and nobody expect you to really pray.) I found just "majani" / "majane" simple enough and efficient. While you could ignore this, it can cause offense, as it is an integral part of Iranian culture, whether you like it or not. Iran has borders to Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.It's farsi and means that something is for free or without payment. " but people would if at all answer only after I ask the fourth or fifth time. By sea to United Arab Emirates and Oman (and maybe others of the gulf states). Even in the hottest desert on earth (you feel dying after 10 minutes) the first car stopped. Some days I my average hitch-hiking speed topped 100 km/h!This applies mostly to crossing the road in cities, but be vigilant at all times.When on the back of a motorcycle, make sure to keep your knees tucked in next to the vehicle, as they pass very close to cars, and you might get hurt.As a girl, it often means that they feel responsible for you.

Farsi has 3 more letters than arab script but once you know arabic letters, you can guesstimate the farsi ones. Other than the young and modern Iranian generally won't know what is hitching. Be prepared to have a week or more adjustment time, even if you come from neighbouring countries.NOTE: In 2017 I hitched with the thumb, because several iranian hitchers told me to do so, they were doing the same.Also I noticed many times that locals gave me the thumb as a positive gesture, for example when taking selfies.If this is too difficult, you can also say you're traveling by truck and that's easy to understand, even if hitchhiking is not a common thing at all and most of the people don't understand it.When somebody stops for you and understand that you travel by hitchhiking, as soon as he/her takes you, you become her/his host.

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