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An amendment to extend Jacksonville’s Human Rights Ordinance to include the lesbian, gay, bi and transgender community passed City Council by a vote of 12 - 6 at its Tuesday night meeting.Mayor Lenny Curry returned the bill without signing it or vetoing it, making it law.Position-Shift allows people to shift their public geolocation to protect their privacy and security while on a smart-phone or social network.It enables mobile users to choose who knows where they are and when, giving them full control of their desired privacy.Do you excel in many areas of life, but have issues in your romantic relationship?Do you feel stuck, and don't know how to fix things?Councilman, and former mayor, Tommy Hazouri, who backed HRO expansion, says it boiled down to equity & human rights @jaxdotcom pic.twitter.com/d Wos UO8ep D— Garrett Pelican (@Garrett Pelican) February 14, 2017 But the 2017 attempt has a lot the previous tries didn't: the backing of over 500 local businesses, the endorsement from the Chamber of Commerce and an intersection of faith leaders from around the area. First Baptist Church has been against the amendment since its first iteration in 2012 and remains staunchly opposed. Gundy, embraced the measure."We have over 200 pastors who are supportive of HRO and it becomes a matter of doing the right thing for God's people - all of God's people," Gundy said.However, some in the faith community, including the Rev. The brevity of the bill may have also led to its passing this time around. Council members debated during the meeting, which was passionate at times, Gulliford put forth two amendments.

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One would have pushed the HRO vote to the public and another would have stripped protections from the transgender community. Curry returned the bill without vetoing it - it is now law, despite saying he continues to oppose the measure, and adding he thinks the protections he provided to city workers was enough."I said then and continue to believe additional legislation was unnecessary," he says in a news release.

"But this evening, a super majority of the City Council decided otherwise."His full statement is below: Statement from Mayor Curry: "The supermajority made their will clear" He says now it's time to confront serious issues.

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The issue has been a divisive one each of the three times it came before City Council, with those for and opposed passionately voicing their thoughts on the measure.

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