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She's a lighthearted person by nature but can be stubborn about certain things.

She does make Logan Fell, a guy who cheated on her when they were dating, work for a second chance.

Jenna opens the door while Damon Salvatore is kissing Katherine Pierce, whom they both think is Elena.

Jenna inadvertently invites her in, and is obviously not happy with the display. When Elena shows up, she acts as though she had no idea what Jenna was doing, but Jenna is adamant about having told her.

"The confession is linked to what is more pressing on Jenna ...

she's obviously not asking about his vampire-fighting extracurricular activities," says the actress. ' it bothers her, but a large part of her is like, this is what he does — he comes back to town and stirs up stuff just to stir it up," Canning says.

Jenna feels overwhelmed at times even though she's doing her best, which Elena reassures her of.

After she's chastised during a parent teacher conference, Jenna tries to tighten up on Jeremy when she finds out about his drug use and truancy at school, but it's far from easy for her.

She's a grad student working on her thesis while trying to take care of Elena and Jeremy after their parents die in a car crash.

To get back at her--not to mention revenge for Damon killing Mason--Katherine makes Jenna stab herself. When Elijah comes to town posing as a historical writer, Jenna gives him information about Mystic Falls.

John comes back to town, and Jenna's shocked when she finds out that he's actually Elena's father.

Jenna talks to Andie about feeling like Alaric is lying to her.

Later, she confronts him directly about it, and she doesn't like the fact that Alaric doesn't give her an answer when she asks for the truth about Isobel.

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' Jenna Sommers remains clueless about Mystic Falls' supernatural inhabitants. "She started having these inklings and mistrust creeping in largely due to what John has been mumbling," says Sara Canning.

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