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She uses that gift to help her students understand how to communicate more effectively with their dogs and how to solve basic behavioral challenges, as well as teaching dogs what we want from them.

Sue is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI).” Also on Sue’s website, to give you perquisites and a class description (a Seminar provides an introduction of this venue) that provides you an idea of what it’s all about: Minimum age: 4 months, no obedience required One hour class once a week for 6 weeks Wonderful activity for dogs of all ages!

To register: please use the forms provided OR go to ADTC’s website for Agility Seminar(s)Registration (NOT our regular Classes format please). – Beginner Agility Seminar – Building Your Foundation for Agility to Achieve Success – Different foundation stations will be set up on the floor so each student has a chance to work the different skills needed for introduction to the obstacles, such as the wobble board for the teeter, jumping technique instruction, etc. – Sequences to Build Skills and Speed – Exercises will include: Box Jump Basics, Being ABLE To make Your Contacts & Sending your dog ahead to the tunnel. – Fun and Challenging Sequences from Masters and International Courses with Tunnels and Weave Poles – Masters level and distance skills are needed for these sequences. – Distance work, out and here, crosses and difficult weave pole entries.

Forms may be downloaded (printed out) from link: us.registration Fill in the requested information, add your dog’s vaccination record, check payment and mail to Barbara Bray, 2348 Scotts Hill Loop Road, Wilmington, NC 28411. ****************************************************************************** a.m. – am Registration – Also 30 minutes before each seminar. Each student will spend time at the different stations learning proper form as well as becoming accustomed to the different obstacles on a strictly novice level. Dave Moore, Instructor ****************************************************************************************** Agility Seminar(s), October 22, 2016, Registration Form ******************************************************************************************* Seminar #1: a.m. – Beginner Agility Seminar – Building Your Foundation for Agility to Achieve Success by Janet Doxey, Instructor Seminar #2: a.m. – Sequences to Build Skills and Speed by Gwyn Scheidt, Instructor Seminar #3: – p.m.

Classes are taken in sequence to first allow dogs to learn to problem solve finding the source, experience multiple environments and conditions, and then to train on specific odors.

Because each dog works one at a time with no other dog present, handlers can relax and enjoy the activity (appropriate for reactive dogs).

safety tips, training skills and just plain olde fun things!

Please note these important facts: *TIMELINE, COST AND SEMINARS First preregistrations w/payment rec’d, first to be signed up for chosen Seminar(s) *All dogs entered must be reliable off lead; Agility is done off lead *Working Teams limited to 8 each, per Team, per Seminar(s) *Due to space concerns we are not having Auditors during this event *We urge you to preregister at least 2 to 3 weeks before the event. – What do Agility Training and Wine Have in Common?Excellent mental stimulation – will tire out even high energy puppies/dogs.Also appropriate for older dogs looking for something fun to do, dogs who are rehabilitating an injury, or reactive dogs not comfortable working around other dogs.Our FB page is Azalea Dog Training Club, Inc (clever, huh! It currently has one of our most wonderful Instructors, Bobby Jones and his Collie puppy, Journey as our “cover models”. As of now, we only have the morning session recorded and are hoping that someone took pictures of the afternoon session (if you were the photographer, please let Marny know at [email protected] thank you!On Sue’s website it states: “Sue Mc Kinney, owner of Whole Dog Institute and Dog Fun Forever, has a natural gift for teaching.

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