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On i Phone and i Pad, the i Tunes Store and App Store apps are updated automatically with system updates.

a lot of vinyl and you've been cashing in all your download cards.

But I recommend starting at 0 – it ensures a higher turnover of new music every time you sync.

Below the rule, check the "Limit to" box and enter a nice big number. Then for the selection criteria, choose "most recently added." This will load up the 750 most recently added songs.

From what I've experienced, these break live updating on i Pod smart playlists: *Podcast is stars My speculation is that the Playlist and Album Rating rules break live updating because the i Pod doesn't do the complex calculations that those require.

I think the Podcast rule is a bug and for all I know it's fixed now.

So only click "Apply" if you're ready to change all the music on your phone.

i Tunes can check these feeds automatically and update your library with new podcast episodes.

Open i Tunes and create a new Smart Playlist buy clicking on "File" and selecting "Smart Playlist."Build your Smart Playlist by replicating the rules in that screenshot. This will fill the playlist only with songs you haven't yet listened to.

If you want to make sure you give each track at least a couple of spins before it disappears off your phone, adjust the rule to "less than" and enter 2.

Or maybe you just like trading and/or sharing music files with friends.

Either way, if your i Tunes library regularly gets bombarded with new music, it's easy for all those incoming files to get lost in the shuffle – particularly if you do the majority of your music listening on an i Phone. Here's a super easy way to make sure all the music you've recently acquired (however you've acquired it), shows up on your i Phone every time you sync.

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All subscribed podcast feeds are updated immediately when you refresh, and i Tunes downloads the most recent (or all) episodes, depending on how you set your podcasts preferences to schedule podcast updates.

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