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Laboratory Tests The diagnosis of toxic and drug-induced hepatitis is often arrived at for a patient with hepatitis by obtaining a full medical history that focuses on the use of over-the-counter and prescription medications, herbs, and vitamin supplements; alcohol use; and, where applicable, evaluating hazards the patient may have been exposed to in the workplace, such as industrial solvents. American Liver Foundation (14 January 2015 updated). Tests that may be performed to help evaluate patients with toxic hepatitis include the following: Treatment There is no specific treatment for most kinds of toxic or drug-induced hepatitis. National Library of Medicine Medline Plus (5 April 2016 updated). Available online at Additional testing may be necessary to pinpoint the cause and help direct treatment. Some examples include: , such as ultrasound and specialized X-rays, may be used to evaluate the liver, detect hepatitis, help make a diagnosis, and help determine a cause of liver injury. American Liver Foundation (14 January 2015 updated). The CMP and liver panel include several general blood tests that may be used to help evaluate the liver and detect hepatitis.

It performs many functions in the body, including processing the body's nutrients, producing bile to help digest fats, synthesizing many important proteins, regulating blood clotting, and breaking down potentially toxic substances into harmless ones that the body can use or eliminate. Chronic hepatitis may have no obvious signs and symptoms and is more commonly detected as a result of abnormal routine laboratory tests. These may include, for example, a comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), a group of tests frequently ordered as part of a yearly health exam, or a liver panel. In severe cases, liver inflammation may interfere with these processes and allow potentially toxic substances to build up. Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference 5th Edition: Mosby, Inc., Saint Louis, MO. The following table summarizes some common types of hepatitis.

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When present, signs and symptoms often correspond to those of hepatitis in general.

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