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I’d always sworn to myself that the first chance I got, the first thousand-dollar contract, and I was outta there.

Till […] As you may know, I am quite partial to a massage, particularly an Asian massage.

Yes, that really is a town and no it isn’t a fucking place to live, actually it is really a […] After Jessie opened her day spa, things got very interesting for me.

I’m a guy who loves to masturbate while looking at women’s sexy legs and feet, unbeknownst to them.

Black silk bands wrap around his ankles and wrists, they are tied to the frame.

His shoulders begin to burn from his arms being tied up for so long.

I use it primarily for filing my records and storage.

Using it this way allows me to be […] This is a continuation of a story about a trip my wife and I took to the city to add a little spice to our long marriage.

” Don Chambers studied Bernie, the small balding manager of the aquarium, carefully hiding his contempt for the man.

Opening […] “I’ve always been a good person,” Robert lied.

“I don’t think I’m able to be any different.” “Aw, poor little Robbie,” Cassie was mocking him.

I have my favorites, most notably Ann, the gorgeous redhead whose splendid nude body is burned into my memory (see part 3) […] They had been spending time talking and basking in the escalating erotic energy. In silence she removes a piece of clothing, he follows piece for piece, until they are both naked.

She approaches him, straddles him and lowers herself onto his body.

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” Robert had found […] Lessons from Daddy Part 3 sorry this has been so long coming I have been ill I turn to my daughter and say, “Ok sweetie before Lesson 3 lets recap on what you have hopefully learnt so far.” “Lesson 1 in Lovemaking –The Pleasure of Foreplay” “Lesson 2 – Let’s call this Sexual Foreplay” “I […] Margaret dozed a little and watched the scenery speed past. As we neared the Pennsylvania state line her gentle caresses turned into more persistent rubbing […] Margaret kept rubbing like she hadn’t heard me, and given the way she was working her clit she likely didn’t.

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