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In a nutshell, we do all the work, leaving you free to have all the fun!

Our matching system ‘Soul Seek’ comprises of a complete, well-rounded evaluation.

“A friend-of-a-friend will have more in common with you than someone off the street,” Van Kirk explains.

“Occasionally, crazy chemistry happens between two people who have nothing in common…but usually not.

You can meet women just about anywhere, but there are a couple of places and situations where you shouldn’t try to hit on her. But women aren’t stupid, and they can see exactly what you’re trying to do, says psychologist and relationship expert Tracy Thomas, Ph. “If you go to an all-female yoga class with the intention of meeting women, you’ll come off as creepy and exploitative,” Thomas says.

“If you’re just there for the yoga, that’s different.” While she’s working: If she’s working in any capacity—whether she’s typing furiously on her laptop at Starbucks, or taking your order at a restaurant—she’s not looking to get hit on.

An hour is also long enough for you to “explore” a person’s character in sufficient depth and decide if you wish to meet him/her for a second date. A: It’s the easiest, most convenient way to find someone with whom you’ll really connect.

We understand that due to the fast working pace, many professionals do not have time to meet people outside their existing social circle.

Even places that are usually considered off-limits, such as the gym and the office, can work, so long as you plan your approach carefully. Any place that’s traditionally filled with women might seem like the perfect place to, well, meet women.We take into account psychological, physical and intellectual factors in order to ensure a high quality match between you and your date.Rather than spending lunch with your colleagues, friends or even by yourself, you could use the same time to meet other single and like-minded professionals.A: One key advantage is that you can have the peace of mind that you’ll only be meeting legitimate singles.Singles on dating apps or dating websites often exaggerate or falsify details pertaining to their education, job title, and pay.

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In other words, put your phone away (once you’ve finished reading this article), and take a look at what the experts have to say on how to meet women.

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