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Still holding records to this day, he was considered the top swimmer in the nation when he was 10, even beating out Michael Phelps.

“I was so good at a young age that I got a little burnt out,” Humphries says. for me, I watched [basketball] and saw it as a challenge.

Don't get me wrong, Clancy Brown probably would have killed it as Sabretooth.

But Tyler Mane made for a savage choice in the first film, and Liev Schreiber pretty much carried X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

In the mid-'90s, the X-Men were always going toe-to-toe with the Hellfire Club, which is where Emma Frost came in, but she was like royalty within the group, so she was calling herself the White Queen at that time.

Cliccando o navigando sul sito, acconsenti alla raccolta da parte nostra di informazioni su Facebook e fuori da Facebook tramite i cookie.Hollywood and the X-Men have both come a long way since they made their choices.Since his first appearance as Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men in 2000, Patrick Stewart has appeared as the character in 11 different X-Men movies and video games.Since parting ways with model Gabriel Aubry, Kim Kardashian has quickly moved on to another athlete – and he’s no ordinary jock.Aside from sharing the same first name as Kardashian’s mom, and playing for an NBA team that the Lakers (watch out Khloé and Lamar!

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Wizard's (very brief) steak is over before it even began.

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